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    5 Reasons BIPOC Women Need to Increase Their Self-Awareness

    Self-care and self-love have thankfully become popular topics. I’m hoping that self-awareness becomes the new trend. For BIPOC women, the awareness of who we are as individuals is essential to our survival, well-being, and ability to reach our dreams. The ability to exam our good and bad traits; becomes just as important as the hard work we put into our daily grind. Though, it may be hard to explore our toxic selves. They still make up our identity and influence who we are. Knowing our good traits will provide the empowerment we need in this life. BIPOC women are out here breaking generational curses. We have a lot to be proud of and to celebrate. But for some, self-praise is easier said than done. Let’s examine five reasons BIPOC women need to increase their self-awareness.  

    Reason One: We Work Twice as Hard

    When it comes to getting from point A to point B, BIPOC women have to climb mountains. We work twice as hard for maybe half of the reward. Now, this isn’t to say that everyone doesn’t work hard. But BIPOC women face a unique set of challenges and obstacles. Systemic oppression, discrimination, and racism are just the tip of the iceberg of hurdles we have to overcome. Not to mention the problems that come with just being a woman. With obstacles like those, we have to know ourselves and what we want. The determination required to reach our dreams is exhausting. We have to remain focused and confident in our goals to achieve them. When we achieve our goals, the reward is more satisfying knowing; everything it took to make it. 

    Reason Two: We Have to Create Our Narratives 

    Until recently, the media ignored our stories and used us as sub-characters. When we have been portrayed, it’s typically in stereotypical roles. With a lack of positive role models, we have to create our narratives. We have to be aware of who we are if we’re going to make our own stories. It’s empowering to create the rules we live by and follow, but it’s also a heavy responsibility. We need to know what narratives are healthy and unhealthy for us to utilize. We need awareness of ourselves to prevent other people’s projection of who they think we are from ruining the story we create. When we know what we want and have self-awareness, we can start manifesting our dreams into realities. 

    Reason Three: It’s an Act of Protection and Rebellion

    The right amount of self-awareness can shift the power in our hands. So many people want us to feel less than and never tap into our full potential. We need awareness of ourselves and the world. When we love and celebrate who we are, we drive the haters insane. Don’t believe it- next time someone attempts to belittle you or make you feel less than. Tap into your inner awareness of everything great about you. See the anger when someone is unable to put you down. Our awareness protects us and keeps us walking like we have crowns on our heads.  

    Reason Four: We Can Screen Out Unhelpful Criticism 

    Some criticism is helpful, and some not so much. If we have a good idea of who we are, we can filter out unhelpful critics. If not, we risk believing in anything. So many people don’t want to see BIPOC women succeed and view us in a negative light. We have to arm ourselves with the proper weapons if we’re going to succeed. Self-awareness prevents the critics from chipping away at our sense of self-worth. While also allowing us to grow with constructive criticism. Self-awareness makes it easier to accept constructive criticism. We’re aware of what we bring to the table and are receptive to what areas need improvement. We should always be striving for growth and looking for parts we can improve on. 

    Reason Five: We Demonstrate to the Next Generation How to Love Themselves

    Lastly, one of the most important reasons is because we set the tone for the next generation. Let’s demonstrate to the next group of women how to know and love themselves for who they are. We can show them the importance of creating their paths and knowing what they want. The younger they embrace self-awareness, the easier it is to adapt it into their daily lives. We provide them with the opportunity to learn things we didn’t grasp until much later in life. Remember, you never know who’s watching you and who you’re inspiring. 

    Let us take on the challenge of getting to know who we are and embracing every part of us. We can learn to love so much of ourselves while growing into better versions of ourselves. Next time you practice your self-love and self-care, use it as an opportunity to further your knowledge about yourself. For more mental health tips and inspiration, follow me on Instagram