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    About Diamond Rodgers, LMFT

    I grew up in Las Vegas, NV, and was privileged enough to have a diverse group of friends as a result. Celebrating diversity has always been a passion of mine. While attending my undergrad, I pledged and eventually became president of Lambda Phi Xi Mulicultural Soriety Inc. There I continued to surround myself with diverse women of different cultural, socio-economic, religious, and sexual identity backgrounds. From there, my passion transitioned into my current work. I love working with women of color. In my work, I highlight how oppression and colonialism impact the person and problem. Facing my fair share of discrimination, racism, and oppression I know just how damaging they can be to your mental health. Through work with my therapist, I’ve been able to combat some of the negative side effects of growing up in a world that oppresses you.

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    About Little Bear

    I’m an emotional support animal for my mom, Diamond. I enjoy spreading my love to others in need of emotional support. I know life can get ruff and we can use a paw to help us back up. I like assisting people as they navigate through their tough emotions. Not into dogs. I’m not offended. I enjoy taking naps on my mom’s lap while she works. When I’m not busy helping my mom support others, I enjoy long naps, belly rubs, and playing with my toys. 

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    My Values


    Boundaries are essential to creating and maintaining healthy relationships. I prioritize helping my clients create boundaries in their everyday lives to help decrease mental distress. Boundaries aid in protecting one's wellbeing. 


    I strive for my clients to finish their journey feeling empowered and ready to handle life's issues. I believe trusting and loving ourselves is half the battle. Empowerment gives us the strength to be who we are.


    A therapist who lacks compassion is going to struggle to help clients change. I bring compassion into every session because I know how essential it is to help create change and build a relationship with my clients.


    In a world that struggles to simply tolerate anything other than "normal" being yourself can be scary. I don't tolerate those I work with. I accept them for who they are and provide a safe place to be that person.