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    5 Solutions for Being Emotionally Overwhelmed

    Recently we explored the symptoms of being emotionally overwhelmed. Recognizing it is only half the battle. Now that we know the signs, we must know how to cope with this feeling. It’s essential to have realistic expectations of ourselves. It took us a while to feel overwhelmed, and it’ll take us even longer to recover. The healing we’re looking for won’t happen overnight. We will get the desired results if we consistently work on the problem. As we go on this healing journey, we must be kind to ourselves. Shame and guilt will only bring us further away from the goal. A kind inner self-narrative is the most helpful tool in helping us get to our journey. Let’s explore five solutions for being emotionally overwhelmed. 


    If we’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re probably not engaging in self-care. I cannot stress this enough; we should do self-care daily. Doing it for as little as 10 minutes a day can make a difference. We don’t have to go out of our way to engage in self-care. Are you taking a shower? Lite a scented candle, play music, and enjoy the vibe. Blast music, sing, and dance while you’re cleaning. Driving to work, have a concert in your car that you’re headlining. We can easily incorporate self-care into our daily lives if we get creative. 

    Saying No

    We often over-extend ourselves and say yes when we know we should be saying no. We need to have internal boundaries with ourselves that we will say no when our cups are full, or we don’t have the space for things. Saying no is a complete sentence. We don’t need to explain ourselves. Nor are we rude for prioritizing ourselves. How can we continue to care for our loved ones when we aren’t taking care of ourselves? We deserve to be our best, and so do our loved ones. 

    Setting Boundaries 

    We often overlook how our lack of boundaries contributes to our burnout. We often feel taken advantage of when we fail to set and enforce limitations. We resent ourselves for not communicating our limits and others for walking over us. A lot of time, we project our resentment towards ourselves onto the other person. Setting boundaries will be uncomfortable, and others will make us feel wrong for having them, but we need them. Things often get worse before they get better when setting boundaries, but they do get better. 

    Prioritize Peace 

    We don’t prioritize our peace enough. We will make a decision that we know will lead to chaos but still make the decision anyway. We must start walking away from things disturbing our safety and well-being. We deserve the peace we are seeking. We are also responsible for that peace. We need to start cultivating the calming environment we want. Let’s take control and create a space that brings us a sense of calmness. Prioritizing our peace also means prioritizing positivity over negativity. Yea, we’re entitled to be mad when that car cuts us off but is it worth disturbing our vibe? We set the tone for our mood. 

    Being Mindful of Needs

    This one is connected to self-care. Essentially self-care is prioritizing our needs. Are we drinking when we’re thirsty? Do we eat when we’re hungry? When we’re tired, do we rest? More importantly, are we even aware of these needs? Sometimes we ignore our basic needs for so long that we don’t even notice them anymore. Not meeting these essential needs can heavily contribute to feeling burnt out. Meditation and practicing mindfulness are great ways to reconnect with these needs. Whatever the task, it can wait until we’ve taken care of ourselves. 

    These five tips are things we need to incorporate into our routine regularly. The challenging thing with burnout is it is an easy point to arrive at but a hard place to escape. Once we’ve done the work to build ourselves back up, we don’t want to fall again. Therapy is a great tool to process these factors contributing to feeling burnt out and the coping tools needed to rebalance yourself. Don’t underestimate the importance of prioritizing your mental health. For more helpful mental health tips, follow me on Instagram