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    30 Days of Self-Discovery

    Rediscovery ourselves can sound scary and feel uncomfortable. We’re often ashamed we’ve allowed something or someone to cause a disconnection with ourselves. We can feel out of touch with ourselves and lost on how to form a reconnect. The journey of reconnecting with ourselves can be fun with new experiences. Embark on 30 days of self-discovery with these journaling prompts. After answering, explore how the answer impacts who you are as a person. 

    1. What would surprise your 13-year-old self the most about your current life? What advice would you give yourself?
    2. What emotion is the hardest for you to express to others? Why?
    3. How do you define happiness? Is it an achievable definition?
    4. What excites you the most about your future and why? What scares you the most about your future and why?
    5. What’s your favorite activity to do alone? Do you make time for it? If not, why not?
    6. List 3 boundaries you don’t have that you should. Why haven’t you set them?
    7. How has your childhood impacted your self-esteem? How has your self-esteem changed as an adult?
    8. What’s the number 1 thing on your bucket list? When do you hope to accomplish it?
    9. Does what you’re ingesting on social media positively impact your well-being? Are you mindful of how media affects your thoughts and moods?
    10. Where is your life heading in 5 years? What things need to change in a different direction? 
    11. What’s the hardest thing to love about yourself? When did you first develop this insecurity?
    12. List 5 goals would like to achieve in your lifetime. Why are they important to you?
    13. When is it hard for you to enforce your boundaries? When/why do you feel guilty for enforcing limits? 
    14. What are some of the kindest/meanest things you tell yourself? Do you need a nicer self-narrative?
    15. What’s been your most significant source of pride in life? How has this achievement changed you?
    16. What’s been your biggest disappointment in life? How has this moment changed you?
    17. When do you feel the most self-confident? Do you feel confident often?
    18. List 5 things you would never change about yourself.
    19. How do you self-sabotage yourself from getting your needs met by others? How can you change this?
    20. How does society impact your self-esteem? Why do society’s opinions matter to you?
    21. What’s a boundary you need for yourself? What would make it challenging to respect?
    22. Is there anyone you prioritize over yourself? Why or why not?
    23. What’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to try? What stops you from doing it?
    24. List 3 ways you get in the way of achieving your goals. Is taking personal accountability a challenge?
    25. What brings you peace and/or contentment? How can you intentionally create those moments more?
    26. What behaviors from others trigger your childhood insecurities? How do you respond to those triggers?
    27. What’s your healthiest/unhealthiest coping tool? Which do you use more?
    28. What’s the biggest thing you bring to the table in relationships? What baggage do you carry to a relationship? 
    29. Describe your ideal peaceful space. How are you actively cultivating a peaceful environment? 
    30. List 3 areas in your mental health that need improvement. How can you start to work on them?